Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stark and Pepper ( 9 Months) + Not Quite a Sunrise

I am a morning person, I must have mentioned that many times in this blog. I love the chill of the morning air, the quietness, the sound of the rooster... all those things that mornings usually offer.

I always wake up around 5 AM. No alarms, just my body clock. I let Stark and Pepper go out and take them for a morning walk so they can do their thing. They're really good with not peeing and pooing inside the house, and I am really proud of them for that (they are inside dogs so yah.)

After that, we hang out in our rooftop for about an hour to an hour and a half.

Note: Pictures were taken last Monday but I didn't get to blog about it coz the internet was down, plus my Lola arrived from Pagadian so I was crazy busy.

The rooftop isn't done yet, you can tell because it still has metals in the middle, no tiles, etc. I had problems with the original foreman so I kicked him out but that's for another blog post.

Don't worry, Stark and Pepper won't fall ( since I don't have side railings) I am always present whenever they are playing on the rooftop, plus I trust their intelligence gene ( Golden Retrievers are known for their smartness, so yah)

It rained last Sunday night so Stark and Pepper were extra playful because of the puddle. They really are water dogs.

Starky Bear

Yay, puddle!

"Pretend you don't see my mota, please"

Starky Barky

"But Mommy...I really,really want your flip flops!"

Not quiet a Sunrise

A Lone Plane

Stark and Pep in action

Pepper at the edge
This gives me a heart attack whenever she does this.

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  1. I am so happy that you are back na jud ate! Keep posting please! hehhee Choi keu si Stark ug Pepper!!


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