Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's a Girl!

Nope, I'm not pregnant but one of my friends is!  I want share with you the pictures during my friend's baby shower last Sunday. It was fun catching up with my Filipino friends. I haven't seen them for a year! Most of my friends have children of their own. I was like, ''ba't ang daming bata?" Oh man! I am getting older! I am in the time of my life that I want to have my own family. I thought I meant to be single forever coz I don't have interest with opposite sex or falling in love, but seeing my friends get married , having babies and all, the burning desire to have my own family is stirring within me! In God's time, right? Not in a hurry.

And oh, I'm not posting photos of my friends coz I did not get their permissions, plus they don't know I'm blogging. haha!

It's A Girl!
I'd like to have a baby girl someday!

In-charge of blowing the balloons!

Yummy Filipino Food! I was looking forward to these!

Some of the decorations!


  • Guessing how many candies in the container
  • BINGO- I won!
  • Few safety pins were put in the container full of pasta,rice and all small stuffs. The player is blindfolded then the player find the safety pins!-- This game is tricky but super fun, and guess who won?! ME!!
  • Guessing the current weight of my pregnant friend
  • Guessing the measurement of my friend's belly
  • Guessing what kind of baby food we smelled
  • Guessing the weight of the baby when she comes out--- The price? $50!!! I guessed 7.5! I don't know if I'll win yet
It was fun and we finished late. I spent the night at my friend's house and went home super early , but before going home, I went outside and pose on their newly built gazebo.

Early morning pose with my friend, the coffee

My friend told me that I can doodle, so I doodled away
I covered my name, by the way.


  1. Nice blog! Let's follow each others blog alright? Thanks!

  2. Nice blog! Let's follow each others blog alright? Thanks!


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