Tuesday, May 22, 2018

He is an HIV-positive.

Three days ago, a man came knocking on my door.

It was my eldest “evil” brother. I didn’t answer. I called the police. I have restraining order for him. Why the hell would he dare go near me?

Police didn’t come, but the subdivision’s peacekeeping officers drove him out. 

It has been almost three years since the most humiliating part of my life happened. (Dig it up in this blog if you like)

Few hours ago, a van parked across my house. Two guys were knocking on my door. They were from the rehab center where I sent my brother years ago. I was mean to them. They said that they would just relay some information about the result of my brother’s medical exam. I said I don’t care, that I already gave him tons of chances in the past but all of them have gone to waste. I kept yapping about “what I did for him” and “what I gave him”. And they said, “We don't want your financial help ma'am, we just want to relay some information that your brother is positive for HIV”

I was still yapping. I said, “Well, you shouldn't have told me about it. Go tell her wife and my mom. That’s the result of his life choices."

After they left, I cried buckets. I am crying right now in fact. After he all he did to me, to my mom, he is still my brother. I don't have the heart to forgive him yet, but I’m hoping that my I will be able to find it sooner rather than later. 

FYI: He got the HIV from injections.


  1. Hugs. Sabi nga ng isang facebook qoute, "You don't have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm." People makes terrible choices and sadly you cannot do the learning for them.

  2. Hi Maria. Sorry to hear about your relationship with your brother. Did the van have the company logo of the rehab that your brother went to? It is unnatural for medical people to tell others about the HIV test results of a patient, kahit pa sa kapamilya. That one is strictly confidential between the doctor and the patient. Please take care and I pray na maging maayos ang lahat between you and your family.

    1. Yah, Confirmed po. Van talaga ng rehab center. That rehab center is a religious-based one. They let people pay if the family can afford. Probably they took my brother in because he used to be a paying patient.

  3. Okay. I just got a little concerned over there. Been following your blog for quite a while and I admire how you managed to be financially independent at such a young age. God is good and everything will be okay in His time. Smile.

    1. Ahh, you’re so sweet. Thanks! My other Kuya called the rehab center to confirm. Talagang nandoon sia. I told my other kuya how I felt about this whole thing. Siya na daw bahala mag keep in touch.

  4. Oh my. I can totally relate with not wanting to have anything to do with a family member but at the end of the day, they're still family so the disappointment, hurt, frustration etc. etc. etc. remain.

    Hugs dear! You've done everything you could for him. It's ultimately his life to lead and you can only do so much as his sister. I'm praying for your peace of mind and for your family's peace of mind as well.


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