Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Spending: Usual Food I Buy ( SNR), BILLS, NSO, Etc.

I usually am off from work Wednesday and Friday, so those days are allocated for grocery shopping, paying bills and all the errands you can think of.

Yep, I haven't been going to the wet market lately because I really love the yogurt drink that can only be found at SNR, so I just go to SNR and buy everything there.

Here are the usual food I buy:


Adobo Cut Chicken ( 119.95 per kilo) = Php 188.80 ($3.79)(Dinner. Good for one week)
Bounty Large Egss 12 pcs             = Php 88.95  ($ 1.79)( Ham and Egg sandwiches for lunch)
Gardenia Wheat Bread                 = Php 72 ($1.45)
TH Yogurt 4 packs (62. 95/pack)      = Php 251.8 ($5.05) (Good for two weeks)
Arla Gouda Slices                    = Php 122.95  ($2.45)(For my sandwich)

Note: I still have ham for my sandwiches. It was given to me by my friend for Christmas.

Random Things:

ADVANTIX (For Stark and Pepper Anti-Flea meds)  Php 360 each ($6.42) = Php 720
Wall Hook (Japan Home Center)     = Php 66 ($1.32)
Cocolicious Virgin Coconut Oil (Kultura)   250 ml = Php 199. 75 ($4)
Oil Burner (SM)                 = Php 60 ($1.20)
Scentchips 40 G (100 grams)    scented candles   = Php 299.75 ($6)

Note: I ran out of Human Nature Sunflower oil. I have been using it for a year (Yes, it took me a year to finish the biggest bottle) so I'd like to switch to another oil as my main moisturizer. I'm crossing my fingers that this won't break me out.


MECO (from November 25-December 26, 2016 ) Php 1,528 ($30)
MCWD (November to December 2016 )          Php 184 + Php 3 service charge = Php 187 ($3.75)

I also requested my NSO at SM, Cebu. Php 140 ($2.81)

Instead of eating out, I grabbed some turons for snacks, which cost Php 15 each ($.30) = Php 30 . By the way, this taste delish!


  1. I'm glad you still continue to blog. It's surprising how the prices of goods have gone up. I keep looking at the US dollar price instead of peso.

    I love Gardenia but the price though. I might convert everything in CAD dollar so I can buy something when I go home for vacation.

    I'll keep on reading your blog which inspired me to start my own blog about personal finance in Canada. It's one way of helping me not to keep up with the Joneses. Thanks again for sharing your stories.

  2. I'm intrigued with the "work at home lifestyle" and I want to try it out. I love that your prices have dollar conversions :-)


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