Monday, April 6, 2015

Meet My Two New Babies!

When Ganni went to the Rainbow Bridge few weeks back, the pain was unbearable, like, I kinda don't want another pet to love ever again coz the pain was too much. I blamed myself, but trusted that the Big Guy up there has other plans.

For a week, I cannot get myself to cheer up. "Will this pain ever end?," I asked myself a lot, until I decided to get... not just one, but two Golden Retrievers! 

Stark and Pepper, I named them.

Guess where I got their names...

I will be getting them this Thursday! I made sure that the vaccinations are all complete before taking them home,  a thing I didn't do with My Ganni.

To my Ganni Bear,

Mommy still misses you so bad. I'll see you in the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes, okay Baby Love? Watch over your new little brother and your new little sister and whisper in their ears when they become too rowdy and too much for Mommy to handle, okay?

I love you My Gannicus, forever and ever.


  1. If your babies have papers, offer stud service. Happened to me after visiting parkmall. Now, my boy's a regular gigolo. Lol!

  2. Hey,

    Yah, they do have papers. Pepper's paper didn't arrive yet, but Stark's paper is already on hand. Who knows, maybe your boy is Starks father? It could be, right? Hehe

  3. Hard to recover talaga but I am glad to know that you have started moving on. Hope to see more pics of your puppies! :)

  4. Oh my gowd ang cute ng babies mo, they are so loveable ��


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